Zero Waste Daniel Make/Shop

Daniel Silverstein in  ZERO WASTE DANIEL 369 hooper street brooklyn ny 11211

Daniel Silverstein in  ZERO WASTE DANIEL 369 hooper street brooklyn ny 11211

My favorite sustainable designer, Daniel Silverstein, just opened the flagship location of his line Zero Waste Daniel! Visit Daniel and his amazing team at 369 Hooper St. Williamsburg where they take a hands on, transparent approach to sustainable fashion. Shop and/or customize a variety of Daniel's recognizable patchwork styles. Choose the fabric, customize the neckline, length, sleeve length and so on for only $195. You can even add a custom mosaic for an additional $99!

Have something special in mind? Don't hesitate to ask. Daniel and his creative team love a challenge. No guarantees but who knows, your idea might be right up their alley!

ZERO WASTE DANIEL  369 hooper street brooklyn ny 11211

ZERO WASTE DANIEL 369 hooper street brooklyn ny 11211

ZWD is described as a closed loop option for the apparel industry. What does closed loop mean? A closed loop system is one that circulates all the materials and parts of a product, meaning nothing ever gets thrown away. Instead, it is turned into a new product that is made to last as long as possible. Zero Waste Daniel is a closed loop system for the apparel industry because we take the materials that are thrown away and give it a circular life as a new textile, even with our offcuts made from offcuts.


When did you become interested in sustainability and living a zero waste lifestyle? I grew up in a household that always stressed recycling so I naturally had an interest in sustainability. In college, as an intern in the industry and at my first job out of college, I was able to see firsthand just how much material is discarded in fashion production and this shifted my way of thinking to pursuing zero waste as a designer. As I grew, I began to implement zero waste in other aspects of my everyday life because it only felt right to minimize my waste footprint in all aspects of my life. 


Tell us about your design philosophy. My design philosophy is to be a problem solver and use my skills and eye to make change while also making it look good. Waste nothing, don’t pollute. Be the change you want to see.

2017 has been a big year for you so far. This spring you co-founded PACKAGE FREE a zero waste lifestyle shop with fellow zero waste pioneer, Lauren Singer of Trash is for Tossers and this summer you opened the flagship location of ZWD in Brooklyn, New York. What's next? Big things are definitely happening, PACKAGE FREE is here to stay at our Brooklyn location and Zero Waste Daniel is working hard and launching many new products for the fall and holiday season. By expanding our offering, we're finding all the kick ass ways to keep shoppers on their toes about the amazing things we can create out of fabric waste. Stay tuned!