“Sustainability is the capacity to endure” according to Wikipedia. I really like that. To me sustainability in business means that you are being able to be in business financially and that you are creating a business and product which has less impact on the environment and eco-system.
— Maja Svensson, Founder and Creator of Elsa and Me
I have a checklist of sustainability tenets. If I can check off at least 3 items from the list with each garment, then I will consider it sustainable and therefore eligible to be branded Study. But checklist aside, I don’t believe another human, animal or the environment should have to suffer for fashion. It’s as simple as that.
— Tara St. James, Founder and Designer of Study NY
We are taxing our planet and our people at a scary and definitively unsustainable rate. The fashion industry is especially bad. It’s our future, let’s own it. Let’s make it better.
— David Dietz, CEO of Modavanti